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Odense Waste Management Company, Denmark

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Odense Waste Management Company is owned by the Danish Municipality of Odense (191,610 inhabitants, 2012) and offers a wide range of solid waste management activities and solutions within a limited urban area. For example, it is responsible for door-to-door waste collection from 90,000 households, runs 8 residential recycling stations and operates Odense Environmental Centre which comprises landfilling, sorting, recycling and composting as well as a training centre. Working in close contact with the municipality’s overall waste management planning and legislation, the Company also provides operational and maintenance support, manuals and training services.

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Danish waste policy is based on seven basic elements:

  • waste prevention;
  • reduction of resource losses; 
  • reduction of greenhouse gas emissions;
  • reduction of the overall environmental impact;
  • ensuring the highest environmental benefit per cost;
  • improved waste management quality;
  • ensuring an effective waste sector. 
The national waste strategy 2009-2012 implemented the Waste Framework Directive and set a national recycling target of 50 per cent of total municipal solid waste. A second part of the strategy issued in 2010 includes initiatives to increase waste prevention and encourage development of new waste treatment technology.

The current (2011) rate of selective collection for recycling (material reuse or recovery) in Odense is 60 per cent. Incineration with energy recovery comprises 38 per cent, while 2 per cent is landfilled. Through participating in R4R, Odense Waste Management Company expects to facilitate the implementation of its Waste Handling Plan 2010-2020 which focuses on developing easier recycling solutions for citizens and communicating more effectively by shifting from mass to interpersonal communication. Further, the authority hopes to optimise its waste data collection and to raise further awareness among citizens in order to achieve even higher selective collection and recycling rates, with the aim of minimizing incineration and eliminating the need for landfilling in its territory.

Odense’s Activities

The City of Odense has participated in several INTERREG projects such as Living North Sea, Liveable Sea and MoCuBa. It is a member of ACR+ and has contributed to the development of the Observatory on Municipal Waste Recycling Performances which laid the groundwork for Regions 4 Recycling. Odense Waste Management Ltd. possesses wide experience in operating modern recycling stations and sanitary landfills, and has conducted numerous awareness-raising and information campaigns.

The 3rd R4R Steering Group meeting and EG working session took place in Odense in May 2013 along with the project's mid-term conference on Waste Management Performance(WMP) which gave public authorities a chance to present their good practices to an international audience, including experts from the European Commission, the EEA and Eurostat. A review article of the conference drafted by Odense was published in a waste magazine.

Odense shared the following good practices with the other R4R partners and developed an implementation plan about R4R results.

Learn what skills, expertise, and experience ODENSE is bringing to the R4R project, and which areas it still likes to improve.

For more information: Website of Odense Waste Management Company, Ltd.

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Odense Waste Management Company, Ltd.
Snapindvej 21

E-mail: Mr. Svend Byrial Poulsen
Telephone : + 45 6313 8221


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