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ORDIF, the Ile-de-France Regional Waste Management Observatory, is a non-profit organisation representing more than 80 respective stakeholders in charge of a territory of 12.000km² with a population of almost 12 million. Created in 1992 as a joint initiative between the government and Ile-de-France Region, it strives to advance, extend and diffuse knowledge in the field of waste management. ORDIF has three main tasks: easing exchanges among stakeholders of the waste sector, disseminating information to these stakeholders, and producing data and indicators related to waste prevention, collection and treatment. Based on social, economic and environmental research, ORDIF also develops technical waste management solutions in the Ile-de-France region.

Ile – de –France waste management picture

In 2009, only 23% of the 505 kg of municipal solid waste generated per inhabitant in the Ile-de-France region was recycled. This rate is still far below the national target of 45% recycled municipal solid waste by 2015. The regional waste management plan sets separate targets for each fraction, aiming, for example, for 75% recycled packaging waste by 2019. Ile-de-France is a very heterogeneous territory, encompassing a very dense urban centre and rural areas. Reaching high sorting rates in dense areas is an important challenge and few comparable examples are available. R4R will allow ORDIF to compare both its monitoring system and recycling performances to those of similar territories, and provide inspiration for improvement. Moreover, ORDIF is specifically interested in assessing the efficiency of financial tools such as pay as you throw schemes. Due to its wide expertise in waste management monitoring, ORDIF can contribute interesting data sets and a detailed overview of local good recycling practices.

ORDIF’s Activities

ORDIF is a seasoned partner in transnational projects. It developed waste prevention indicators as part of Pre-waste, an INTERREG IVC project facilitating good practice exchange in the field of waste prevention. Moreover, ORDIF is involved in other networks promoting knowledge exchange between territories at national level through Amorce, CNR and regional observatories networks. As a member of ACR+ since 2008, ORDIF has taken part in several working groups and conferences, and has been one of the key contributors to the Decentralised Observatory for Municipal Waste Recycling Performances.

ORDIF as Component Leader in R4R

One of the lead partners of R4R, ORDIF was responsible for Component 1 of the project, Management and Coordination. To ensure effective implementation of R4R and achievement of the envisaged results, ORDIF worked on two levels by closely coordinating the work of both the component leaders and the project partners (PP). Coherence of the activities with the work plan was monitored by ORDIF through a regular collection of individual reports and feedback from each partner.

ORDIF was also in charge of the financial management of R4R, e.g. keeping the accounts for the project, financial reporting, internal handling of ERDF, etc. The appointed Financial Manager furthermore managed - and provided support to - the Financial Management Group (PPs' Financial Managers), and worked with the Project Coordinator on the Progress Report to be submitted to the JTS every semester, with a total of 6 progress reports and one final report at the end of the 3-year period.

ORDIF shared the following good practices with the other R4R partners and developed an implementation plan about R4R results.

The R4R Launch in Paris (18-20 April 2012) was organised by ORDIF, as well as a regional event about waste management in dense cities on 6 November 2014.

For more information: ORDIF's website

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90, av du Général Leclercq
93500 PANTIN

E-mail: Mr. Jean-Benoît Bel
Telephone : +33 1 83 65 40 64


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