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Ilfov County Council, Romania

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Ilfov County Council is the local government of the county surrounding Bucharest. Over a surface area of 1,583 km2, Ilfov comprises 8 towns and 32 communes with 321.007 inhabitants (2010). Largely rural until the fall of communism, many of Ilfov’s villages have developed into high-income commuter towns with an annual population growth rate of 4%. This means continual challenges for the organisation of waste management in the county.

Ilfov County Council is involved in waste management through its "Solid Waste County Plan" (SWCP), an action strategy for the management of domestic and industrial solid waste. Furthermore, Ilfov County Council has also carried out an "Opportunity Study" to create a public authority for waste monitoring. Presently, Ilfov County Council is preparing a Master Plan in the field of waste management and will found an association, together with the local councils in order to implement “The Integrated System of Waste Management”.

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In general, sustainable waste management in Romania is (c) Ilfov County Councilstill in its fledgling stages. Of the 365 kg of municipal solid waste generated per inhabitant per year, only 1 per cent is recycled. The remaining 99 per cent end up in landfills, squandering resources and harming the environment. Romanian waste laws, harmonised with EU legislation, have had a positive impact in the last few years, but considerable efforts are still needed to ensure compliance with EU standards. Awareness-raising and promoting understanding of the danger to human health and to the environment posed by the continued use of the existing harmful practices is as important as strengthening the authorities’ capacity and ability to enforce existing legislation. Through R4R, Ilfov will have the opportunity to share its challenges and experiences with other European partners, and to expand its expertise.

Ilfov County Council’s Activities

Ilfov County Council has organised several projects financed by Structural Funds, covering a wide array of fields such as education, employment or infrastructure. However, a special focus has always been put on questions of waste management: Two projects promoting integrated waste management have been rolled out, in Vidra and Copăceni, respectively. At present, Ilfov was involved with the INTERREG IVC project Pre-waste which aimed at improving the efficiency of waste prevention policies.

As an R4R partner, Ilfov County Council wanted to share the experiences gained with its Solid Waste County Plan and Opportunity Study, and to exchange know-how and ideas with other European local and regional authorities. Like all partners, Ilfov analysed and applied several good practices identified during the project on its territory. In 2014, Ilfov County Council organised a regional dissemination event to introduce the R4R project to its population.

Ilfov County Council shared the following good practices with the other R4R partners and developed an implementation plan about R4R results.

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