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Efxini Poli had been a network of 30 Greek local authorities, from 1995 to 2012 aiming to advance its members’ social, cultural, environmental, touristic and agricultural development. In September 2012 EFXINI POLI changed into a European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation "E.G.T.C. EFXINI POLI - Network of European Cities for Sustainable Development" with the distinguished title "EGTC Efxini Poli - SolidarCity Network", including to its Network municipalities from Cyprus and Bulgaria. Through its networking activities, services and participation in numerous projects, Efxini Poli works towards greener, more dynamic and inclusive cities. Central to Efxini Poli’s work is the concept of sustainability. The network aims to propose and implement a comprehensive policy for sustainable development with a special focus on enhanced waste management. For example, Efxini Poli is currently the leading partner of the project "Low Cost - Zero Waste Municipality" (ZERO WASTE) which aims at developing an integrated zero-waste management system for municipalities.

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Waste management is one of the most complex environmental, political, legal and social issues in Greece. Until recently, large quantities of recyclable materials were lost. Laws in line with EU legislation nowadays aim at eliminating unmanaged solid waste disposal sites, covering all urban and rural areas with modern installations for final disposal, promoting waste prevention and reduction measures, as well as boosting recycling and recovery of products and energy.

In recent years, significant progress has been accomplished, yet effort is still required to meet EU targets. According to Eurostat 82 per cent of municipal waste still goes to landfills, with a recycling rate of 17 per cent and just one per cent of organic waste composted. At the moment, no infrastructure for the separation at source and collection of bio-waste exists in Greece. Embarking on a long-term plan to overhaul their waste management practices, the members of Efxini Poli hope to profit from the know-how and experience gained through the R4R project. In the particular, they are interested in the best ways of sharing the responsibilities for proper waste management by involving all stakeholders, starting from the state and ending with the citizens. As the network is managed by mayors who have direct influence on regional/ local waste management and environmental policies, the results of R4R will find immediate application in the Efxini Poli member territories.

Efxini Poli’s Activities

Efxini Poli has 17 years of experience in European and national co-financed projects (among others: LEADER, LIFE, PIC EQUAL I, PIC EQUAL II, INTERREG IIIB MEDOCC, INTERREG IV C, MED 2007 -2013, SOUTHEAST EUROPE, LEONARDO DA VINCI). The association has operated as leader and partner organisation in projects on local, regional, national and European level across many different thematic fields: Environmental protection, dissemination of innovative technologies and know-how, improvement of mobility and territorial accessibility, fighting social exclusion, enhancing competitiveness, human rights, etc.

Efxini Poli shared the results of its ZERO WASTE project with the other R4R partners. The expected outcomes included an evaluation of waste management methods, a feasibility study on the implementation of municipal composting facilities for household bio-waste, inventories on best and worst practices, a handbook on the implementation of alternative waste management schemes and an Interactive Decision Support Tool. In 2012, the 2nd SG meeting and EG working session in Athens, along with a study visit related to recycling, were organised by Efxini Poli.

Efxini Poli shared the following good practices with the other R4R partners and developed an implementation plan about R4R results.

Learn what competences, skills, and experience Efxini Poli is bringing to the R4R project, and where it still sees room for improvements. 

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