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ACR+ is an international association of more than 100 members (mainly local and regional authorities) with the objective of contributing on a European and international level to the prevention and sustainable management of waste. ACR+ promotes sustainable consumption of resources, reuse & recycling through developing the expertise and skill of public authorities, and encourages practical actions, cooperation and partnerships. Studies, bulletins and seminars, allow ACR+ members to exchange practical information and experiences, and to compare problems and solutions with other European waste management experts.

ACR+’s Activities

ACR+ has a well-established tradition of involvement in European partnerships and interregional cooperation, namely as a partner of EU co-financed projects (list available upon request). ACR+ is the lead partner and European oordinator of the European Week for Waste Reduction and has been involved as a partner (Component 2 Leader) of the INTERREG IVC waste prevention project Pre-waste, and of several LIFE+ projects: LIFE Smart Waste,  Miniwaste and Green Commerce. It is also currently developing several thematic networks such as the EPR Club and a Circular Economy Working Group.

The Road to R4R

Realising the need for a more transparent and effective collection of waste and recycling data for reliable European comparisons and benchmarking, ACR+ initiated the European Observatory of Municipal Waste Recycling Performances in October 2010. The Observatory collects and analysis waste recycling data using common concepts and indicators. R4R complements the strict observation of data by focusing more on the next steps, i.e. the optimisation of waste management practices and the implementation phase. It aims to identify and implement the most favourable conditions and most efficient instruments (legal, economic, technical, educational) to optimise municipal waste management.

Through R4R, ACR+ hopes to establish a better harmonisation of waste management practices and data/statistics across the EU member states. Moreover, the association would like for cities and regions to achieve higher recycling rates, improve their communication with the citizens, and reduce the negative environmental and financial impacts of deficient waste management practices.

ACR+ as Component Leader in R4R

For once, the expertise and experience concerning waste data collection and statistical harmonisation ACR+ gained through its work on the Observatory for Municipal Waste Recycling Performances formed the basis of the work on R4R.

Furthermore, R4R puts great emphasis on communicating its objectives, activities and expected results in order to ensure a lasting effect beyond the scope of the project. As one of the lead partners, ACR+ is thus in charge of Component 2, Communication and Dissemination. ACR+ has been supervising all internal and external communications activities, assuring close collaboration of the partners and providing for a wide dissemination of the project through meetings, brochures, newsletters, press releases, press conferences, events and a final conference at EU level.

In September 2014 ACR+ organised a Brussels-based event to introduce R4R to the European Institutions

Some ACR+ members also contributed to R4R by providing good practices that were shared with the other R4R partners:

  • Milan – Food waste collection for households
  • LIPOR – Eco-container at home
  • Nantes – Bulky waste collection in social housing
  • LIPOR – R+: people friendly equipment
  • Brussels – Subsidy to social economy
  • LIPOR – Ecoshop recycling card
  • Brussels – Waste consultants network

For more information: Website of ACR+

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