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R4R online tool for data comparison

Access the R4R online tool

Learning from others can help cities and regions improve their selective collection and recycling performances. The R4R online tool offers a common platform providing the possibility to:

  • Compare data with territories having similar characteristics (density, climate, socio-economic framework, etc.) following the same methodology
  • Access good practices that helped to achieve significant results regarding recycling
  • Follow results over time in order to assess evolution and trends


The online tool is using the R4R methodology called “DREC” (Destination RECycling) that includes all homogeneous fractions sent by local authorities to recycling. This means that both fractions separated at the source and material waste going out of sorting centers or of mechanical biological sorting units are recorded as DREC, while sorting residues are included in residual fractions as mixed residual waste.

The online tool is free to use for European local and regional authorities but requires online registration.

Access the R4R online tool

In order to rapidly understand how to use the online tool, please download the R4R online tool quick start guide.

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