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R4R good practices for selective collection and recycling

Some practices are more efficient than others when considering recycling performances.

R4R partners and some ACR+ members identified effective initiatives that contributed to the increase of their selective collection and recycling of material. These good practices are made of single local instruments (legal, economic, technical or communication instruments) or of combination of such instruments. A R4R report on local instruments provides more detail on each of them.

The R4R good practices will be accessible from the R4R online tool that aims to allow benchmarks between European territories.

In the end, 40 good practices have been analysed and will be progressively presented below in factsheets mentioning information about the implementation of the good practices (including also the preparation phase, key success factors and resources involved) as well as the results and lessons learned. A report compares similar cases per theme.

Bio-waste collection

WEEE, batteries and hazardous waste collection

Door-to-door selective collection

Other collection systems

Legal and economic instruments

Communication and advising initiatives

Other practices

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