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Expected Outcomes and Results

One main outcome of the R4R project is online waste management tool for local and regional authorities to input data, calculate indicators, identify transferable good practices relevant to their context and to monitor their progress towards achieving EU targets. A user manual provides concise explanations and support.

The project partners also identified and described 40 good practices (to be summarised in a synthesis report).

At the end of the project, the 13 partners improved their waste management monitoring knowledge and capacity, and are familiar with a wide array of good practices.



They also have a more thorough understanding of the economic, legal, organisational and technical instruments that can be used to improve recycling performances at a local level, and will have optimised their recycling policies.

Eleven dissemination events (conferences, networking events, local/regional events) and 13 external events introduced the R4R project and findings to stakeholders and the public.

Each R4R partner produced an implementation plan which describes how the partner will work to integrate the lessons learnt from the project into its local / regional or if relevant national policies, be it a good practice or the R4R methodology.

Find out more about data comparisons between R4R partners (2010 data): key findings and synthesis

The outcomes and results of the project are summarised in guidelines for local and regional authorities.

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