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Background and Objectives


In line with its long-term goal of becoming a 'Recycling Society', the European Union’s waste policy aims at preventing waste generation and optimizing the use of waste as a resource. The key actors concretely implementing this concept are regional and local authorities as waste management falls into their responsibility and many legal, economic and educational instruments are decided at this decentralised level.

At present, these sub-national authorities find themselves facing many new challenges: facing the backdrop of continuously rising quantities of generated waste, they must comply with ever stricter legislation, develop increasingly complex waste management systems, and encourage their population to be more actively involved.

There is thus a need for regional and local authorities to develop benchmarks in order to compare, and to share experiences and good practices in order to improve their performances. In 2010, ACR+ initiated the European Observatory for Municipal Waste Recycling Performances which allows its members to compare their achievements based on common concepts and indicators. Regions 4 Recycling builds on these first efforts by identifying the underlying conditions and employed instruments that facilitate high recycling performances.

The overall aim of Regions for Recycling is to facilitate the implementation of the EU Waste Framework Directive by enabling regional and local authorities to improve their municipal waste recycling performance. The project partners will identify legal, economic, technical and structural conditions and instruments for optimal recycling performances through unbiased comparisons of their performances. Exchanging and disseminating these good practices will contribute to the European efforts of bringing all EU territories to the same high waste management and recycling standards.


The project partners hope that R4R will become a waste management exchange and optimisation platform for local and regional authorities across Europe, both through an upcoming online tool allowing comparisons among territories and the organization of several regional and European events.

R4R is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund’s (ERDF) INTERREG IVC programme. The total budget amounts 2,166,679.17 € with a contribution of the EU of 2,108,803.57 €. R4R is a 3-year project (January 2012-December 2014).


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