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OVAM R4R conference: Municipal waste and materials policy challenges within a European and Flemish circular economy

On 3 June 2014, Flemish stakeholders came together to think about the future of the municipal waste and materials policy in Flanders. Representatives from Flemish municipalities, intermunicipal organisations, re-use centers and accredited bodies (Fost Plus) were welcomed by Mrs. Henny De Baets (administrator-general of OVAM), who presented the future goals of the Flemish waste and material policy.

After that, Mr Olivier De Clercq from the European Commission (DG Environment) explained the state of affairs and future prospects of municipal waste within the European context. Mrs. Janna Vandecruys from OVAM presented the R4R project and gave an explanation of the use of the R4R online tool. To end the morning session, Mr. Jean-Benoît Bel (ORDIF, France) and Mrs. Gisela Sommer (ARC, Spain) explained how Paris and Barcelona respond to the many challenges in terms of municipal waste management.

During the afternoon session, participants were able to give their opinion about the Flemish municipal waste management. Attendees were divided into eight groups and were able to judge in which fields of waste management Flanders had been successful or less successful during the past five years.

There was also a discussion on how we can react to a number of trends in society (such as ageing population, new consuming trends, diverse population, etc.). A number of ideas came up that might be included in the new Flemish implementation plan on municipal waste.

Find out more by downloading the agenda and the list of participants.

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