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R4R Interregional training on waste data monitoring, Tallinn, 3 December 2013

Get to know better your recycling performances

Considering the recycling target of 50% of municipal solid waste by 2020 set by the European Waste Framework Directive, it is crucial for local and regional authorities to have a clear and accurate view of their waste management performances. This can be achieved by using the right tools, in particular a consistent methodology on waste data and a monitoring tool allowing European comparisons.

 On 3rd December 2013, the City of Tallinn hosted a training on waste data monitoring, "Access to the Best Practices in Recycling and Waste Management". This event was aimed at helping cities and regions to have a better understanding of how to efficiently collect and manage waste data. In particular, the R4R methodology for data collection was presented along with the R4R online tool that enables to compare local waste performances with other territories in Europe and provide good practices based on R4R partners' local instruments. Participants were trained to use the online tool and also benefited from the expertise of R4R partners regarding data collection. This training event was followed with R4R expert group meetings on 4 and 5 December (only for R4R partners).  

 Please have a look at the programme for practical information and presentations.

You can also have a look at some pictures of the event on the Tallinn training gallery.

Training event agenda

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