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ORDIF conference: Separate collection of bio-waste, 15 March 2016, Paris

ORDIF is organising a conference on the separate management of biowaste and the possibilities this presents within the framework of the European project Bin2Grid.

10 tonnes per year, from 2016 onwards: above this threshold businesses must set up compulsory source sorting of bio-waste. In 2025, this obligation will apply to everyone, including households, as foreseen by the Energy Transition Law.

This new regulatory framework marks the beginning of a new era: that of circular economy of organic matter. It presents many new opportunities for stakeholders in the Paris Region: reduction of amounts sent to disposal, production of organic fertilizer to fight soil degradation, production of energy which is both renewable and storable, soil carbon sequestration, etc. This movement began gradually a few years back. The time has now come to move up another gear. Stakeholders, both public and private, are mobilising to implement effective and viable systems for the separate management of bio-waste. What are these projects? Their success factors? Obstacles they had to overcome?



9:15      Introduction

  • Mao PENINOU - Deputy Mayor for Waste Management
  • Chantal JOUANNO – Vice President for Ecology and Sustainable Development, Regional Council 

9:30       Setting the scene   

  • Bojan RIBIĆ, Zagreb City Holding: Presentation of Bin2Grid   
  • Véronique CHARBEAUX, Environment, Agriculture and Energy Department, Regional Council: Anaerobic digestion development strategy in the Paris Region

9:50      Anaerobic digestion & the Food and Beverage industry Experience feedback:   

  • Antoine KIEFFER, ACTIA: Presentation of the Biogas3 project   
  • Valbio: From design to operation of treatment facilities, concrete cases of anaerobic digestion of FAB waste   
  • Dominik Rutz, WIP Renewable Energies: Anaerobic digestion market and technologies

10:45     Compulsory collection for large producers (over 10 t/year)   

Philippe THAUVIN, engineer in the Waste Prevention and Management unit of the French Environment & Energy Agency (ADEME): “Reduction, sorting and recovery of bio-waste from large producers: a practical guide”

Roundtable discussion:   

  • Stephan MARTINEZ – Synhorcat & Moulinot Compost & Biogaz: selective collection of bio-waste in Parisian restaurants   
  • Perifem: bio-waste management in sites with multiple producers, such as shopping centres   
  • City of Paris: implementing selective collection of bio-waste in the capital
  • Cécile TISSOT – Siredom: Resource pooling and cross-organisation of bio-waste recovery across different territories

12:00     Closing

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