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Interregional training session on waste recycling good practices, 14 May 2014, Graz

Discover experiences to improve your recycling performances

In order to help cities and regions achieve the recycling target of 50% of municipal solid waste by 2020 set by the European Waste Framework Directive, public authorities must have access to good examples of pactices that proved to be sucessful for the improvement of waste collection and recycling in other European areas.

The training in Graz gave the opportunity to share some of these good practices on waste monitoring, collection and management. The training also demonstrated how cities and regions can use the R4R online tool to get advices on relevant good practices for their own situation and territory.

The following 2 days were dedicated to internal meetings of the R4R partners, in order to prepare the end of the R4R project.


Training event agenda

You can download the Graz training programme and discover the presentations below as well as the handouts of the event.

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