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R4R final congress, 23 October 2014, Sofia

Let's discover the results and tools of R4R

How can selective collection be optimised, in particular for specific fractions like bio-waste or WEEE? Which economic, technical, or legal instruments are the most efficient to increase collection and recycling rates? How can you successfully spread the message among citizens about sorting at the source? How are your neighbours recycling their waste and how are they performing?

The Regions for Recycling project helps to provide answers to those questions and the R4R final congress in Sofia was the right place to discover the results of the R4R partners’ work and the project's achievements.

Organised by Sofia Municipality, the R4R final congress took place on 23 October in Sofia and presented all deliverables of the R4R project during a one-day event.


Among the main features of this congress, you could find:

  • the harmonised R4R methodology, including the DREC concept (Destination Recycling), allowing cities and regions to compare their performances with better accuracy;
  • good practices helping local and regional authorities to achieve significant performances of selective collection and recycling: those good practices will in particular be presented during a poster session and parallel sessions focusing on specific themes;
  • the online tool that helps technicians and decision-makers follow-up their performances and compare them with similar territories.

The programme was the following:

Download the programme of the R4R final congress.

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