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Separate Food Waste Collections Help Wales to 53% Recycling Rate

Wales remains on course to achieve its first statutory target as separate food waste collections enabled Welsh local authorities recycled 53% of all the waste collected in the first quarter of 2012/13 - a 2% rise over the same period last year.

The statutory recycling target for municipal waste is 52% in 2012/13, rising gradually to 70% by 2025.

The Welsh government said that supporting waste reduction and reducing the amount of biodegradable materials going to landfill are key “Programme for Government” actions, which ensure that Wales makes the best possible use of its resources.

Wales is the only country in the UK in which all local authorities operate a separate food or food and green waste collection, and is the first country in the UK to introduce the Landfill Allowances Scheme to help it meet its obligations under the EU Landfill Directive

Environment minister John Griffiths explained that the achievement is largely the result of every local authority in Wales providing a weekly food collection service and householders embracing the system so enthusiastically.

However, the minister cautioned that the country must maintain its momentum if it is to meet the challenging targets of 70% recycling by 2025 and zero waste by 2050.

The R4R project aims at helping regional authorities achieving ambitious recycling targets by disseminating expertise and instruments from successful regions in Europe.

Source: www.waste-management-world.com

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