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3 Repair Cafes for residents of the Southern Waste Region


Here in Irelands Southern waste Region residents are being encouraged to give products a longer life by getting broken things repaired rather than throwing them away. A series of 3 repair cafes are underway and these waste prevention/reuse events are aimed at raising awareness and ability amongst communities to relearn basic skills so old or broken items can be given a new lease of life.

 Building on the success of the European Repair Café movement our events are similar but tailored to local community needs. The concept is simple in the chosen areas we first of all identify local people with knowledge and skills they are willing to share to fix everyday household items, we then organise a venue and let the public know about it. The most important aspect is that  people attending our repair cafes work alongside the volunteers so they learn how to make repairs themselves and this we hope in turn will lead to whole communities embracing repair and reuse and result in waste prevention.

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