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Recycling increased in Scotland in 2012



 Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) recently issued statistics showing that Scotland's local authorities recycled 41.2% of the household waste they collected in 2012. These statistics cover 32 local authorities and show a slight increase compared to 2011 figure: in 2011 the figure was 40.1%.

This is the second annual data set to use the updated recycling rate calculation required by the Scottish Government's Zero Waste Plan.  

Only household waste is now used to measure Scotland’s progress towards the recycling targets. Household waste includes household collection rounds, other household collections such as bulky waste collections, waste deposited by householders at household waste recycling Centres and recycling points/ bring banks.The new definition excludes non-domestic properties which were previously counted. This includes hospitals and nursing homes, residential hostels, residential homes, schools, universities and other educational facilities, caravan sites and campsites, self catering holiday accommodation, prisons and penal institutions, public halls, royal palaces and premises occupied by charities and used for charitable purposes.

Find out more on SEPA's website

This approach is close to the R4R project's approach aiming at getting precise figures about selective collection and recycling.

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