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Progressive reduction of the bio-waste production threshold for "big producers" in France



40 tonnes per year. It is the production threshold from which the "big producers" must sort and recycle bio-waste from 1st January 2014 in France.

This figure confirms a trend to reduce the threshold - previously 80 tonnes in 2013 and 120 tonnes in 2012. This threshold will be further reduced to 20 tonnes per year in 2015 and 10 tonnes in 2016.

Lowering the threshold implies a major shift in the number of "big producers" and therefore organic matter to collect and recycle.

These "big producers" include from 2014 about 1,600 agro-food industry sites, 7,500 commerce and distribution sites, 1,600 markets locations, and 40,000 garden management companies.

This should allow to collect 68% of the estimated bio-waste produced by these large producers in France (including green waste which represents an important part).

Reaching the threshold of 10 tons per year by 2016 could in turn capture 84% of that estimated bio-waste. The catering sector (all types combined) will be involved from 2015 and only a small portion of the estimated bio-waste will be included (20% in 2016). This should involve centralised kitchens and catering sites in 2015 and some traditional restaurants and fast food spots in 2016.

Source: CNIID and ADEME

Selective collection of bio-waste is an efficient way to produce good quality compost in centralised composting plants. This can help recover natural resources as fertiliser or other products by local or regional authorities, as part of their recycling strategies. Read more about how to organise selective collection of bio-waste in France

The R4R project aims at promoting regional contributions to the European Recycling Society, aiming to optimise the use of waste as resources, by allowing local and regional authorities to make consistent comparisons via a common metholdological framework and an online tool, and exchange transferable good practices. 

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