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Paper recycling over 70% in Europe in 2012

Paper recycling rate approaches 72% in Europe. 71.7% more precisely, according to the European Recovered Paper Council (ERPC), despite decreasing paper consumption in Europe.

Recycling has increased by 45% (18 million tonnes) since 1998, the base year for the first voluntary commitment set in the European Declaration on Paper Recycling by ERPC.

The large majority of the 11 European countries currently still under a 60% recycling rate have reported an improved performance. In parallel, 13 European countries have already exceeded the targeted 70% recycling rate. However, the European paper recycling rate is starting to level out and keeping it at a high rate is becoming progressively more challenging, says ERPC. Not only are quantities changing but so are the different paper consumption patterns.

It therefore stresses the importance of good paper waste sorting at the source, in order to keep paper material in the loop and reduce the use of virgin material.

Regions for Recycling provides tools to help cities and regions to improve their selective collection and recycling performances. Among these tools, a series of good practices will demonstrate how local and regional authorities managed to improve their recyclicng performances, in particular by implementing strategies and instruments to foster selective collection. Those good practices will be showcased during R4R events: a conference in Brussels on 17 September and the R4R final event in Sofia on 23 October 2014. Furthermore, an online tool allows cities and regions to monitor and benchmark their recycling performances, getting to know what other territories are comparable to their situation, the potential for improvement and the ways to get to it.

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