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One third of plastic packaging recycled in the EU in 2012



 Recent data from the plastics industry showed that EU Member States recycled 34.7% of plastic packaging in 2012. EU countries therefore exceed "low" plastic packaging recycling targets set by the 20-year old EU Packaging Directive.

EU-27 plus Norway and Switzerland recycled 5.4m tonnes, 34.7%, of all plastic packaging waste in 2012, says the annual report Plastics -The Facts 2012 produced in partnership between PlasticsEurope, EuPC, EuPR and EPRO. This results easily exceeds the target of 22.5% set by the Directive EC/94/62, the so-called "Packaging Waste Directive" adopted 20 years ago. According to this report all EU countries achieved a higher recycling rate than the Packaging Waste Directive, except Malta.

On the other hand, the same report shows that only 26.3% of all plastics were recycled in 2012, while a plastics recycling level of over 60% is achievable by 2020 in Europe, according to Plastics Recyclers Europe.

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