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Northern Ireland kerbside trials look to maximise recycling rates

Castlereagh District Council is launching a trial with Bryson Recycling to test out a new multi-box recycling container. The 3BoxStack consists of three individual kerbside boxes – one 40 litre container and two 55 litre containers – which are stacked on top of each other on a trolley and are designed to aid the source separation of recyclables but take up minimal space.

The container will mean that residents will be able to recycle 11 different material types including cartons and household plastic packaging. They are supplied by Straight and have been designed with customer feedback in mind.

Paper will be collected in the top box, along with fringe materials such as bagged batteries or foil, mixed plastics and cans will be collected in the middle box and glass and cardboard in the bottom box. The glass and cardboard will be sorted at the kerbside while the plastics and cans will be sent to Bryson Recycling’s materials recycling facility in Belfast for sorting. Collections will be made using Romaquip Kerb-Sort vehicles.

Bryson Recycling's kerbside box service operates in six council areas in Northern Ireland, collecting recyclable materials from 170,000 households in Armagh, Belfast, Ballymena, Castlereagh, Carrickfergus, and Newtownabbey. The trials will cover a total of 4,800 households across the councils.

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