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How to organize selective collection of bio-waste in France?


Selective collection of bio-waste remains limited in France. indeed, while many European countries have been implementing it for many years, there are still few French local authorities that chose to collect bio-waste separately from other waste streams.

A report published recently by ADEME, the French agency for the environment and energy, states thet countries where bio-waste selective collection has been implemented for several years (Germany, Austria, Walloon/Flemish regions in Belgium) meet up to 70% valorisation rate, against 37% in France. ADEME therefore studied what could be the successful conditions for the implementation of bio-waste selective collection in ten countries (France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, United Kingdom, Canada, United States of America, Australia and Switzerland), in order to help French authorities to improve its bio-waste recycling rate.

Among the success factors, ADEME mentions the followings:

  • Legal banning of bio-waste landfilling
  • Pay-as-you-throw system (with higher fees for mixed waste)
  • The use of biodegradable collection bags or "bio-boxes" to pre-collect bio-waste at source
  • Specific collection for this type of waste, considering that bio-waste needs to be collected more frequently than other waste fractions
  • Guarantee of the equality of compost resulting from the treatment of bio-waste

The R4R project aims at helping cities and regions to recycle waste efficiently at a local level by providing good practices and an online monitoring tool. 

Read the study from ADEME

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