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Europe to set stronger legislation for waste transfer within EU member states


DG Environment Commissioner M. Janez Poto─Źnik recently highlighter the need to reinforce control all over the EU in order to avoid bad practices related to waste transboundary shipment.

Illegal waste transfer to developing countries is a common practice duce to costs issues: in these countries waste management is cheaper and law is much more indulgent and even nonexistent sometimes. Nowadays, the European Commision estimates around 25% of waste transfers issued by EU Member States to developing countries in Africa and Asia are against international law.

Some of the initiatives the Commission is aiming to take are:

  • Reinforced cooperation between involved authorities
  • Stronger control based on the routes
  • On-site inspections to verify the legality of the transfer

In general terms, those initiatives will carry economic advantages, as they will avoid costs related to stabilisation and/or repatriation. Finally, they will help to improve waste management and sorting processes and ensure better raw materials recovery.

The R4R project aims at helping cities and regions to recycle waste efficiently at a local level by providing good practices and an online monitoring tool. 

Find more information about how the European Commision Fights against illegal waste shipments

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