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European Commission launches a consultation on food waste


The European Commission estimates that up to two billion tonnes of food is lost of wasted around the world annually. If no action is taken, it is predicted that the amount of food waste in the EU could reach 126 million tonnes a year by 2020.

In order to avoid so, from 9 july to 1 October 2013 the European Commission is running a consultation entitled 'Sustainability on the Food System', welcoming inputs from European citizens, organisations and public authorities on how to reduce the 89 million tonnes of food wasted yearly in the EU.

The consultation is based on the frame of the EC's 'Roadmap to Resource Efficient Europe' published in September 2011. Outputs and findings should be published in early 2014.

The R4R project aims at helping cities and regions to recycle waste efficiently at a local level by providing good practices and an online monitoring tool.

Read the background information and see the EC Consultation
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