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Catalonia outlines 2020 waste targets


The Catalan region government recently issued a new waste prevention and management plan for the period 2013-2020. The plan aims to reduce waste generation by 15% and to eliminate landfilling and incineration of unsorted waste by 2020.

The plan encourages municipalities to significantly increase landfilling and incineration taxes in order to improve sorting and recycling. The current landfill tax stands at 15.80 euros per tonne, while incinerating waste costs 7.40 euros per tonne. Revenues from the two taxes used to finance municipal recycling schemes.  

The plan proposes to sort 60% of waste at source and to reduce consumption of single-use plastic bags by 90% by 2020. The plan also aims for 75% recovery of packaging waste and to cut waste sector greenhouse gas emissions by 30% from 1.5 million tonnes per year at present.

Download the Catalan waste prevention and management plan

The R4R project will deliver some tools that will help Catalonia to achieve those objectives, in particular a series of waste management good practices and an online tool on waste monitoring. Read more about Catalonia's involvement in the R4R project.

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