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More collection activity and recycling information leads to plastics recycling surge in Canada

Canada recycled some 600 million pounds of post-consumer plastics in 2011 - up 24% from the previous year, according to a report from the Ontario-based Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA).

There was substantial increase of 70% for non-bottle rigids (21 million kg), as well as a 19% surge for bottles (29.3 million kg) and a modest increase of 1% for plastic bags and outer wrap (272 000 kg), notes the CPIA. In total, more than 268.5 million kg was collected for recycling.

The increase is being attributed to more collection activity and also more companies providing recycling information. The steep growth recorded for the non-bottle rigid plastic stream is partly due to more municipalities expanding collection to all plastic containers from just bottles, explains the report.

Carol Hochu, President and CEO of the CPIA said simplifying collection practices for the public to recycle all plastic containers ‘is helping grow plastic recycling’

On the downside, the association estimates that film and bag recycling capacity in Canada is currently stuck at 38% of maximum utilisation.

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