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Around half of PET bottles collected for treatment in the EU

Recent numbers from Petcore Europe show that the overall collection of PET bottles in Europe amounted to 1.64 million tonnes in 2013, equivalent to 56% of PET containers in circulation within the EU, or 65 billion PET bottles.

This number represents an increase of 7% compared to the previous year.

There is however still a huge disparity in collection rates amongst the Member States and more efforts are needed in order to reach the new proposed EU targets for the recycling of packaging waste.

According to the proposed amendment to the 64/62/EC Directive in the framework of the waste-related Directives review, Member States will have to demonstrate that 45% by weight of all plastic packaging are prepapred for reuse or recycled by 2020 and 60% by 2025.

Regions for Recycling provides tools to help cities and regions to improve their selective collection and recycling performances. Among these tools, a series of good practices will demonstrate how local and regional authorities managed to improve their recyclicng performances, in particular by implementing strategies and instruments to foster selective collection. Those good practices will be showcased during R4R events: a conference in Brussels on 17 September and the R4R final event in Sofia on 23 October 2014. Furthermore, an online tool allows cities and regions to monitor and benchmark their recycling performances, getting to know what other territories are comparable to their situation, the potential for improvement and the ways to get to it.

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