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UK's municipal solid waste recycling rates, a step behind the rest of Europe


Recyclingbins.co.uk, a major recycling bins retailer in the UK, recently published the outputs of a research on municipal solid waste (MSW) recycling rates in Europe, compiling a top-10 list.

The "usual suspects" come at the top of the list, namely Austria with 63% of MSW recycling rates, followed by Germany with a rate of 62%. On the bottom part of the list we can find Denmark (40%) and UK in 10th position with a MSW recycling rate up to 39%. 

The director of the British company expressed his surprise that UK is performing poorly compared to other European countries, but he also stressed that these results can help to increase the country's motivation to improve its recycling performance.

The R4R project aims at helping cities and regions to recycle waste efficiently at a local level by providing good practices and an online monitoring tool. R4R is based in particular on expertise sharing from all over Europe. 

Read more about the report and Recycling Bins UK

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