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The EU Commission proposes an action plan to ensure the future of the steel sector

While the global economic downturn is negatively affecting the demand for steel, competition is getting tougher because of increasing energy costs, the lack of raw materials, emergence of new players on the market and the need to meet environmental requirements. In order to keep Europe’s steel sector competitive the European Commission proposes an action plan to create a regulatory environment conductive to a sustainable growth of the steel sector.  

Despite the sector’s economic downturn the EU is still the second largest producer of steel worldwide, representing 11% of the global production and employing 360 000 people. And, as the demand is foreseen to increase by 2025, it is Europe’s interests to hinder the industry’s competitiveness. The action plan addresses the following six key issues:

  • Ensuring the right regulatory framework
  • Easing restructuring and addressing skill needs
  • Boosting demand for steel
  • Supporting demand by improving access to foreign markets and ensuring a level playing field at international level
  • Boosting competitiveness with the right energy, climate, resource and energy efficiency policies
  • Boosting Innovation.

Among the main actions considered in this plan, the European Commission will in particular consider eco-design requirements for recyclability and dismantling in order to ensure easier separation of steel suitable for recycling from relevant products, continue its efforts to develop the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) methodology to allow better consideration of recyclability of materials, and integrate the recyclability of materials into relevant policy proposals and strategies.  

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