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How to increase recycling in cities and regions? R4R gives its first answers

20 Dec 2012 - From 12 to 14 December, nearly a hundred European experts gathered in Athens to discuss how local and regional authorities can improve their waste collection and recycling policies. This meeting aimed at sharing the expertise of the R4R project partners with Greek municipalities and regions. It also allowed to present the project’s first results related to the local instruments helping to reach high recycling performances.

Landfill and incineration bans or taxes, selective collection rules (defining how waste is selectively collected – door-to-door, in civic amenity sites or bring banks – the collection frequency and the types of the collected waste), differentiated pricing systems and awareness-raising campaigns: these are some of the instruments used by cities and regions to organise their waste collection and recycling schemes. The right mix leads to impressive selective collection and recycling rates, as in Flanders for instance, where 70% of waste is separately collected, with a high quality level of the collected waste (ensuring a high recycling rate as well).

A Press Release, disseminated on 19 December 2012, further discusses the outcomes of the R4R Networking Event in Athens.

The presentations of the Networking Event have been uploaded to the R4R website and can be accessed here. Pictures of the event can be found in the media section of the R4R website.

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