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Zero Waste Scotland releases Local Authority Kerbside Good Practice Guide

Good news for local authorities in search of practical information on waste management: the Local Authority Kerbside Good Practice Guide recently released by Zero Waste Scotland provides (Scottish) local authorities with guidance and examples demonstrating good practice in relation to the kerbside collection of non-recyclable waste, dry recyclable waste and organic waste.

In response to request from waste management officers, the guidance describes good practice examples of how Local Authorities can meet the requirements of the Waste (Scotland) Regulations (WSRs). It should be stressed that the guidance does not intend to discard the value of waste prevention measures. It merely seeks to provide a guide for (Scottish) Local Authorities to more effectively manage and realise the value of waste once it has been presented at the kerbside for collection.

The 165-page document was developed with CosLA, Scottish Government, SEPA, WRAP and ZWS.

Have a look at the comprehensive guidance document yourself here.

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