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Northern Ireland: Lowest Landfilling rates ever


The provisional Northern Ireland Local authority Collected Municipal Waste Management Statistics January-March 2013, released on the past 25 July, shows that in the final quarter of 2012/2013 local authorities have sent the lowest ever amount of municipal waste to landfill -50.2% of the total amount of municipal waste-, representing a 9% reduction regarding the same quarter of the previous year. Also, the figures show a decrease in the overall amount of waste produced. 

However, recycling and composting rates also decreased by 1%, apparently due to 'considerable fall of over one-fifth (22%) in the amount of LAC municipal waste sent for composting during January to March when compared to the equivalent quarter in 2011/12' according to Northern Ireland's Department of the Environment, apparently due to a decrease in the amount of waste sent for composting compared to the same period in 2011/2012.

Environment Minister Mark H. Durkan welcomes the figures: "I intend to continue to progress both the environmental and economic benefits by setting ourselves higher recycling targets to make more use of our resources and open up new business opportunities"

The R4R project aims at helping cities and regions to recycle waste efficiently at a local level, including plastic waste, by providing good practices and an online monitoring tool.

Read the 'Northern Ireland Local Authority Collected Municipal Waste Management Statistics Report' provisional estimates

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