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In the UK the first food recycling reward scheme is launched

  Inhabitants of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead can earn rewards for recycling their food waste since the 22nd of April.  The deposit with reward scheme is run by the Royal Borough in partnership with Recyclebank, a recycling reward company. Under the scheme, residents with online Recyclebank accounts can earn 25 reward points per month (and up to a maximum of 300 points per year) for sorting their food waste. Points can later be redeemed as offers and discounts in both national and local shops, businesses and leisure centres.

Before food waste collection was introduced, food made up more than a third of waste being sent to landfill. In the first six months of the food waste collection service’s implementation, 900 tonnes of food waste were diverted from landfill. Today in the Royal Borough the recycling and composting rate amounts at 49% of the total waste.

Speaking of the scheme, Councillor Carwyn Cox, cabinet member for environmental services, said: "This is a great opportunity to expand the rewards scheme so that residents can reap even more benefits for their good green habits. At today's prices every one tonne of food waste collected will save the council approximately £35 in waste disposal costs so this is great news for our council taxpayers."

The R4R project targets resource efficiency by providing best practices about waste collection and recycling performance across EU regions. 

Source: Royal Borough of Windsor and Maindenhead

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