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EU consultation results unveil a majority in favour of new waste targets


The European Commission recently published the results from the consultation on European Waste Management Targets, showing that 56 percent of respondents said yes to new waste targets.

The study’s aim was to identify key issues with the existing targets set by the Waste Framework Directive, the Landfill Directive and the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive and propose possible solutions.

The consultation ran between 4 June and 10 September 2013, during which time a total of 670 responses were received.

In particular, regarding changes to targets on municipal waste, a majority of respondents expressed their favour in a reinforcement of monitoring process in order to ensure consistency and reliability of data. The same result came out of the consultation regarding changes to packaging and packaging waste directive: a majority of respondents were in favour of a standardised methodology for calculating recycling rates so that data (and therefore performance levels) are comparable across member states.

84 percent of respondents expressed their support to increasing or expanding existing recycling targets, but 60 percent mentioned that recycling targets should take into account the situation within individual Member States.

Proposed recycling rate target changes most opted for by respondents are as follows:

  • paper and cardboard: 75 percent (by 2021)
  • glass 80 percent (by 2021)
  • metals 75 percent (by 2021)
  • plastic 60 percent (by 2022)
  • all packaging 70 percent (by 2022).

It is also to be noted that 56 percent of respondents were in favour of new waste prevention targets, while 54 percent were not in favour of setting new preparation for re-use targets.

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These results underline the importance of tools developed within the R4R project, in particular the municipal waste data scope methodology and the online tool allowing comparison of similar data between European regions and cities.

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