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EEA report stresses that Europe remains far from a circular economy


According to the “State and outlook 2015” report of the European Environment Agency (EEA), “waste management is improving but Europe remains far from a circular economy”.

The report explains that the EU appears to be progressing towards its 2020 objective of achieving a decline in waste generated per capita. But waste management will need to change radically in order to phase out completely the landfilling of recyclable or recoverable waste.

The document also highlights the differences in recycling rates across Europe. Regarding municipal waste recycling in European countries between 2004 and 2012, only four countries reached more than 50%, when more than a half of the others did not reached 30%.

Efficient local and regional strategies allowed many cities and regions to reach high levels of recycling performance and become more circular. Regions for Recycling provides tools to help local and regional authorities improve their selective collection and recycling performances. Among these tools, a series of good practices show how local and regional authorities managed to improve their recycling performances, in particular by implementing strategies and instruments to foster selective collection. Furthermore, an online tool allows cities and regions to monitor and benchmark their recycling performances, getting to know what other territories are comparable to their situation, the potential for improvement and the ways to get to it.

Also, ACR+ is currently helping cities and regions to develop circular economy strategies within its working group on circular economy, the Circular Europe Network. The next meeting of the Circular Europe Network will take place in Budapest on 28 May.

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