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Differences in reporting waste statistics allow little comparisons

   FNADE commissioned a study to improve industry’s knowledge of waste streams management. The study was entrusted to the German firm CONFIG with the objective to compare the methodologies used by European Member States to report municipal waste statistics to Eurostat, which suggest that France is lagging behind some other European countries in terms of recovery.

From this study it appears there are six causes of deviations from the Eurostat recommendations (not prescriptive to Member States). These differences may lead to a change in the relative proportion of recycling from one country to another. The use of a harmonized methodology between these European countries would allow more consistent and accurate comparisons.  

The R4R project brings together European local and regional territories to share and discuss their experience about municipal waste recycling. With these elements in mind, the R4R project aims at identifying the most efficient local and regional instruments allowing to optimize municipal waste recycling. It also aims at developing an online tool that will help cities and regions to compare their recycling performances following a common methodology.

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