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A French campaign calls for bio-waste selective collection


   The French National Independent Information Center on Waste (CNIID) launched on the 6th June, a national mobilization campaign “Je veux mon bac bio” - I want my bio box. The campaign, supported by many organizations, aims to challenge the policy makers on the fate of organic waste in France. The French household’s bins contains more than a third of organic waste (food and garden waste) composed of organic matter, easily recoverable in the form of compost and biogas. But without sorting at source, organic waste is mostly buried or burned and therefore generates pollution and a loss of valuable material resource.

In addition to the local actions of individual and shared composting, which arouses strong enthusiasm among citizens, sorting must be implemented today by local authorities to capture the majority of bio deposit. Only 3% of the French population are indeed concerned with a separate collection of bio-waste, paving the way to a significant development mechanical-biological treatment (MBT) in this country. France is one of the last countries in Europe to use a technology that is, according to CNIID, expensive,  poorly controlled and resulting in low quality output because of contamination of organic material with other substances, to produce compost for agriculture out of mixed household waste. T

he campaign is part of the national and European framework for the prevention and recovery of waste as well as being part of the ecological transition. To raise awareness of the government on the needs to manage bio-waste in a different manner the CNIID and partner associations call citizens to mobilize for the sorting at source of bio-waste through an online petition on the campaign website jeveuxmonbacbio. org and participate in the identification of collective composting initiatives that develop throughout France.

Source: www.cniid.org  

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