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A British company invented the first 100% recycled plastic product!


The British manufacturer Invicta Plastics has managed to generate 100% recycled high quality plastic products. Moulded cups, plates, toys and marketing items are produced employing two new processes, called rPETable and rNEWable, without the use of added virgin polymers or stabilisers. These innovative processes are offering a solid, safe and cost efficient products from 100 % recycled plastic bottles, lids and milk cartons.

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If the industry should apply those methods a major breakthrough could be achieved in reaching a circular economy of plastic products. Corporations such as Coca-Cola, Greenpac and Asda have already entailed collaborative efforts and testing products with the British manufacturer. The Greenpac UK sales and marketing director Liam Knowles said: "Now that every test has been passed to prove that these products are rigid, durable and food safe, it's realistic to say that no business should ever need to use a single virgin polymer again for this type of product.”

The manufacturing of products made of recycled plastics has always used virgin polymers (new plastics) to be blend with the recycled one especially to build rigid items and anything that comes into contact with foodstuffs. Therefore this innovative breakthrough could help reducing consumption of natural resources and lowering plastic products’ carbon footprint. 

Find out more: Invicta Plastics website

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