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73% of household metal packaging recycled in 2011


Metal Packaging Europe recently reported that recycling rate for average rigid metal consumer packaging in EU 27+EFTA increased to 73% in 2011.

This result confirms a long-term trend of improvement of recycling performances in the metal packaging sector and is way beyond the objective of the Packaging Waste Directive (55% of recycling for all packaging).

Metal Packaging Europe is confident that the sector will be able to meet its voluntary European average recycling target of 80% by 2020. Nonetheless, the federation stresses the strong need for more collection and better sorting of packaging waste and also urges the European authorities to further improve and harmonise its packaging waste statistics to measure material actually recycled.

These results underline the importance of tools developed within the R4R project, namely the municipal waste data scope methodology, the collection and recycling good practices at local/regional level and the online tool allowing comparison of similar data between European regions and cities.

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