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42% of treated municipal waste recycled or composted in 2012


 In the EU28, 492 kg of municipal waste was generated per person in 2012, while 480 kg of municipal waste was treated per person. This municipal waste was treated in different ways: 34% was landfilled, 24% incinerated, 27% recycled and 15% composted. For the EU there has been a significant increase in the share of municipal waste recycled or composted, from 18% in 1995 to 42% in 2012.

The amount of municipal waste generated varies significantly across Member States. Denmark, with 668 kg per person, had the highest amount of waste generated in 2012, followed by Cyprus, Luxembourg and Germany with lower amounts but above 600 kg per person. The treatment methods differ substantially between Member States.

In 2012, recycling and composting of municipal waste together accounted for more than 50% of waste treated in Germany (65% of waste treated), Austria (62%) and Belgium (57%). Recycling and composting was also the major part of waste treatment in the Netherlands (50%), Luxembourg (47%), the United Kingdom (46%), Ireland (45%) and France (39%). In Finland composting & recycling and incineration had equal shares (both 34%).

Source: Eurostat

National results show there is a room for improvement in many Member States. Moreover, within each country big differences exist from one region to another. Regions for Recycling provides tools to help cities and regions to improve their selective collection and recycling performances.

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